Color Studies for Painters; Complementary Color chart

In our first oil color study, we are using a monochromatic (one color) harmony. We need to ¬†prepare colors and values ahead of time, so that we know exactly what we will be painting with. Our dominant color will be cobalt blue, which will be the overall scheme of the painting. To neutralize and deepen … More Color Studies for Painters; Complementary Color chart

Animal Skull

This is the second project my Intro to Oil Painting students do, on an 11 x 16″ canvas, using a limited palette and an animal skull as still life. Strong spot light is used, with a darkened space (black box) in which to place the object so that we can see better contrast. Initially, a … More Animal Skull


This oil painting project looks at the form of a big and beautiful natural shell. We follow the same process of creating first a tonal drawing within a grid. Here is Rip’s version: Following are three palettes we are using in this painting: the grisaille (black to white underpainting), warm and cool ultramarine and burnt … More Shell