Drawing With Color 2.5 (also called 2.3 in revised class)

Compositions in Hi-Key: light values, with pin-points of dark emphasis. A wonderful way to create visual punctuation points throughout your drawing. We’re going to use light tints of the chosen palette. Students may choose their palette based on their perception of color relationships, what they see as a dominant color helping to choose the direction … More Drawing With Color 2.5 (also called 2.3 in revised class)

Drawing With Color 2.2

Finding harmonies in nature is amazing, and once you become skilled at identifying what is available to the artist’s eye effortlessly, selecting which harmony to use becomes like second nature. While learning and practicing harmonies, it’s a good idea to go through the system and methods of the different varieties of hues (colors). Today we’re … More Drawing With Color 2.2

Drawing With Color 2.1

Further studies of color theory that integrate practical exercises with studies from observation…continue for 8 more lessons. We’ll begin with studies of feathers. A little quick study of mine: We’re beginning 2.1 with a study using a complementary harmony: a dyad using ultramarine blue and burnt sienna. Furthermore, we’re exploring elements of life that exhibit … More Drawing With Color 2.1