Color Charts in Oil

Creating color charts (on canvas panel or gesso board) with the basic oil colors can help you practice and see the fundamental nuance and richness of paint. Much better than buying a large assortment of colors – you can create them yourself. The colors you will need for the following charts are what I have … More Color Charts in Oil

Intro to Oil 1.2

The next step in progressing with our black and white underpainting (grisaille) is to wait until the grisaille is dry to the touch, and then layer thinly (or “glaze”) a warm and cool “first color pass” overlay. This will effectively start to warm and cool the highlights as well as lighter warm areas, and all … More Intro to Oil 1.2

Color Studies for Painters 1.1; Monochromatic Harmony

This alla prima study will be done all in one session, about 2 1/2 hours long, using the first color harmony study in this series. Monochromatic harmony, means a color selection of only one hue, in this case, blue. We are painting blue water in a textured glass, using (cerulean) blue. It is toned more … More Color Studies for Painters 1.1; Monochromatic Harmony