Figure Open Studio

3-hour figure or portrait drawing/painting practice from the live model is available on alternating Thursdays (from 6-9pm). For $10, the participant may practice in any media desired. This is a non-instructional format, and includes short or long poses, costumed/clothed. Check back often for updates. Located in studio “e” at the Metal Arts Village. Drop in, no enrollment required.

Photos taken of models are permitted only during clothed sessions, and only with the model’s permission.

Schedule (subject to change):

November 5th: clothed model: Tanya. 19th: clothed model, Cecil/Apache.

December 3: costumed burlesque dancer, Taryn Garters.  17: clothed, Cecil/Apache.

January 7: Taryn Garters/clothed, 21: Tanya/clothed.

February 4: Leslie/steam punk, 18: Cecil/clothed/Apache.

March 3: Jenna/cowboy, 17: Taryn Garters, burlesque inspired, 31: Imo Baird/Theatrics

There are no future sessions scheduled.