New Crew in Town

Recently I have the great fortune to be starting with a new Intro to Oil painting crew! We are working on our first project: a single white object. We will analyze the values, study the form in space and use a limited palette. Here are some examples of the initial value drawings of our simple … More New Crew in Town

Limited Palette

Limited palettes are useful for a variety of reasons. In the “less is more” context, the painter gets practice in developing a broad range of color and value using a small arrangement of colors. The palette we are using has these colors: Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, Cadmium Yellow Light, Ivory Black, and Titanium White. A … More Limited Palette

Cool and warm palette: ultramarine blue and burnt sienna chart.

Understanding how to manipulate warm and cool colors can create dynamic painting. Especially when one becomes skilled in mixing them together in different proportions, creating neutral values that consequently are effectively used in building up forms in space. Here is an exercise that will teach the student skill in practicing mixing values using two complementary … More Cool and warm palette: ultramarine blue and burnt sienna chart.

Botanical Illustration

This quick study (2 hours) is based on a 19th century botanical illustration, a favorite theme of mine to reference.     The first step to painting a copy is to map out the composition using a mathematical division of the space, and placing the image along the sweet spots of diagonals, horizontals, verticals, using … More Botanical Illustration