Drawing With Color 1.7/also called 2.1 in the 6 week course

Glass. Transparency, opacity, and color. Today we worked drawing blue glass bottles, in a primary triad using blue as a dominant color. The triad harmony is blue, red, yellow. We’ve drawn the star shaped value scale, depicting a variety of the mixes and layerings of the colors. The drawn image has used a variety of … More Drawing With Color 1.7/also called 2.1 in the 6 week course


This oil painting project looks at the form of a big and beautiful natural shell. We follow the same process of creating first a tonal drawing within a grid. Here is Rip’s version: Following are three palettes we are using in this painting: the grisaille (black to white underpainting), warm and cool ultramarine and burnt … More Shell

Drawing With Color, Washington Post

Drawing With Color, Washington Post (link to article “From Quilting to Painting”) Recently I was interviewed by Jennifer Forker, from the Associated Press. We talked about my color drawing curriculum that I developed and teach at The Drawing Studio, in Tucson. The same curriculum is also taught in my oil painting classes. I tell my students … More Drawing With Color, Washington Post

Hanging Drape Part II

Continuing with the drape study, we grid the canvas that has already a dry burnt sienna ground, then paint a burnt umber underpainting of the darks cast on the wall, and within the drape itself: Then block in lights using a very light tint of burnt umber (burnt umber mixed with white).

Hanging Drape Part I

This will be a painting study of a white hanging drape (pillowcase) set at an angle, with a strong light source. I will keep the drape hanging until the completion of the preliminary drawing and painting, so that the creases and folds will remain the same. Now for a preliminary drawing, but first, a compositional … More Hanging Drape Part I