Fall Schedule is out.

September – December course schedule is out! Click on this link for full class information and enrollment.   Janis and her painting of Otis, for her son and his wife (Ben Aaron/news personality and Ginger Zee/Good Morning America Weather Anchor).

Intro to Oil 1.2

The next step in progressing with our black and white underpainting (grisaille) is to wait until the grisaille is dry to the touch, and then layer thinly (or “glaze”) a warm and cool “first color pass” overlay. This will effectively start to warm and cool the highlights as well as lighter warm areas, and all … More Intro to Oil 1.2

Animal Skull

This is the second project my Intro to Oil Painting students do, on an 11 x 16″ canvas, using a limited palette and an animal skull as still life. Strong spot light is used, with a darkened space (black box) in which to place the object so that we can see better contrast. Initially, a … More Animal Skull

Drawing With Color 1.8 (also called 1.6 in the 6 week course).

This is the last segment in an 8-week sequence of Drawing With Color lessons that I teach at The Drawing Studio in Tucson. In this post I will recap some of the basic concepts of working with color through the practice of drawing from observation. We work with the standard 12 color wheel that was … More Drawing With Color 1.8 (also called 1.6 in the 6 week course).