Master Painting Copy

Copying a Master painting is a project we are doing with my beginning oil painting students, in order to better understand how the Masters developed composition, form in space, color and value. Start with a good quality reproduction, with the intention of enlarging it somewhat (no larger than @16 x 20″) or copying it the … More Master Painting Copy

Hanging Drape Part I

This will be a painting study of a white hanging drape (pillowcase) set at an angle, with a strong light source. I will keep the drape hanging until the completion of the preliminary drawing and painting, so that the creases and folds will remain the same. Now for a preliminary drawing, but first, a compositional … More Hanging Drape Part I

New Crew in Town

Recently I have the great fortune to be starting with a new Intro to Oil painting crew! We are working on our first project: a single white object. We will analyze the values, study the form in space and use a limited palette. Here are some examples of the initial value drawings of our simple … More New Crew in Town

Master Painting Copy Part I and II: Sacred Geometry and Tonal Composition

A traditional lesson in classical painting is the copy of an Old Master painting. The purpose is in making connections between drawing and painting: when creating a monochromatic graphite drawing (done initially), a study of the composition of values is made. This will later aid in color studying of the painting. First we will make … More Master Painting Copy Part I and II: Sacred Geometry and Tonal Composition

Sacred Geometry

Mathematicians since Euclid have studied properties of the golden ratio, including dimensions of the golden rectangle (where the ratio of the longer side to the shorter is the golden ratio). This proportion is aesthetically pleasing. According to the Pythagorium Theory, geometry is a powerful underpinning of the universe. 90 degree angles in rectangles explain much … More Sacred Geometry