Student Works from 2015, Part 2

Please enjoy the following images of student work from a variety of drawing and painting classes from 2015. Dedication and hard work in the studio shows! Thank you to all of my hard working students. For more information regarding classes, please visit the Classes page, from the menu above.

Landscape by Rita, from Independent Practice class.
Graphite drawing and tonal underpainting of Apollo, by Lourdes, in Independent Practice class.
12. Evelynn
Oil painting of Mirror, by Evelynn, in Independent Practice class.
15. Jen
Grisaille underpainting of deer skull, in oil, by Jen, in Classical Painting class.
16. Students
Students in Introductory Oil Painting class, working from still life of pomegranates.
18. St Francis
Sepia and charcoal tonal drawing of St Francis, by BF, in Classical Drawing class.
19. Charles
Limes, color pencil drawing by Charles, in Color Drawing class.

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