Color Fundamentals/Pastel, 1.6

This is our last lesson in the Level 1 Color class using pastel. We’re going to use a simple harmony: a pair of complementary colors, with 2 analogous (adjacent) colors (adjacent to one side or the other, for either complement).

In the wheel below, the black arrow is pointing to the complements red and green, red-orange and orange, with all the tints and tones. I’m sneaking in a little red-violet to cool down the colors of the silk flower I’m drawing.




First I’ll start with a gestural contour line drawing, getting an overall sense of the loose and free-flowing rhythm of the petal shapes. I’ll start blocking in the lightest value shapes, using the side of the pastel.


Then I’ll start going for the middle tones, and block in the darkest value shapes. After that, I’ll draw in the middle values of all the colors, and then go back and revisit the whole progression (light, dark, middle) value and color shapes. Will post those drawings soon.


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