Color Fundamentals/Pastel, 1.1

The Winter session has started, and we are beginning a color studies sequence, using pastels on white and tinted paper. We’re also using the 72 half stick Faber-Castell brand pastels – lots of good ranges of colors and values.

The tennis ball.


How many ways can you draw it, in how many media?!

Working in pastel, first a black, grey and white light study; then a monochromatic using a few values of yellow-green + greys, white; then in complementary values using yellow-green, red-violet + greys and white, to mix and create rich shadow values.




For blending, I like to use a brush, and kneaded eraser, as well as some very gently done blending with fingers. Below is the full range of colors:


As well as the 3 studies together on the page along with the color wheel.


Remember, pastel mixes by blending physically, so you can dramatically add and change pure color and value without adding too much pigment.

Join us for 5 more sessions in this Level 1 course.

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