Drawing With Color 1.7/also called 2.1 in the 6 week course

Glass. Transparency, opacity, and color. Today we worked drawing blue glass bottles, in a primary triad using blue as a dominant color. The triad harmony is blue, red, yellow.


We’ve drawn the star shaped value scale, depicting a variety of the mixes and layerings of the colors. The drawn image has used a variety of the colors for the bottle, a cool mix for the background to recede the space, and a warm foreground/surface to show relative warmth and light. We always use a strong spot light to help illuminate the forms.


Some more notes on using the grid as a compositional tool:


Some of my students working…



My view showing lots of interesting transparencies in the shadow:


And my drawing in the beginning stage, blocking in the background and foreground (don’t wait till last to do this!):


Here are a few successful homework projects, using the same split complementary harmony, but with a different palette:




Nice rich contrasts of light and dark, and shadows as well. Good work!

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