Drawing With Color 1.4

It’s a peppery lesson, with another color harmony using green as a dominant color:


We are using a “rectangular” tetrad: two pairs of complementary colors that are one step away from each other in the color spectrum: green, red, violet and yellow.


We build that color scale with the four pure colors on the outer corners, blend into each other and finally blended all together in the center (Using color pencil). Here are some students in action. Don’t forget that a strong spotlight always illuminates the still life, in this case, a green pepper cut in half.


We use the entire harmony in the drawing using cool temperature to help the space and object recede, and of course, warm temperatures to advance.


Clint did a nice job on the completed drawing, as did the rest of the group!



Some students homework projects, using the same harmony, only with a different palette:






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