Hanging Drape Part I


This will be a painting study of a white hanging drape (pillowcase) set at an angle, with a strong light source. I will keep the drape hanging until the completion of the preliminary drawing and painting, so that the creases and folds will remain the same.

Now for a preliminary drawing, but first, a compositional grid:


I begin the drawing in graphite and use the gridlines to help place the drape.


Continue working on the drape, this is 1 1/2 hours of work, and will need some value finishing, but basically the drawing is there, definition of value and shape.


To come: preparation of a burnt sienna ground on the canvas, and an underpainting in burnt umber.

One thought on “Hanging Drape Part I

  1. This Gridding type, is kind of new to me.
    After you grid, and your looking at subject to draw, how do you
    know where to start and put it on the grid.
    This Cloth, also the White Pitcher and the White Cup?
    Thanks for any info on this, appreciate it ..

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