Limited Palette

Limited palettes are useful for a variety of reasons. In the “less is more” context, the painter gets practice in developing a broad range of color and value using a small arrangement of colors. The palette we are using has these colors: Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, Cadmium Yellow Light, Ivory Black, and Titanium White.

A little review: a grey scale transitioning from white to black:

Next, ultramarine blue and burnt sienna: mixing together towards the middle (50/50 in the very middle) adding white to lighten values as the squares go towards the bottom:

Next, mixing cadmium yellow light with burnt sienna, two warm colors that we will mix towards the center in the same manner, adding white as the squares go towards the bottom:

Mixing cadmium yellow light, burnt sienna and white: together on the palette.
Cadmium yellow light blended towards burnt sienna, blending the distance of about three rows towards the bottom, with the addition of white. This makes a lighter value. Cad yellow on the left vertical row is 100%. Burnt sienna on the right vertical row is 100%. Middle row is 50/50. The other rows have increasingly my yellow or burnt sienna.

Next we will work cadmium yellow light with ultramarine blue.

The palette with mixed paint, cadmium yellow light and ultramarine blue.

The mixed color chart, creating beautiful greens:

More greens, using cadmium yellow light and ivory black:


Finally to round things out, a color chart mixing ultramarine blue and ivory black:

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