Animal Skulls Part I (Drawing)and II (Grisaille): raccoon, beaver, javelina

Bones have traditionally offered the artist the opportunity to study skeletal structure, as well as visual plane and tonal systems. When we look at the following skulls, discover the beauty of nature as it offers a unique description of anatomical support. We will look at several animal skulls and beginning tonal drawings by my students, … More Animal Skulls Part I (Drawing)and II (Grisaille): raccoon, beaver, javelina

Limited Palette

Limited palettes are useful for a variety of reasons. In the “less is more” context, the painter gets practice in developing a broad range of color and value using a small arrangement of colors. The palette we are using has these colors: Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, Cadmium Yellow Light, Ivory Black, and Titanium White. A … More Limited Palette