Painted Gourd Study Part II


Above my initial black tonal underpainting of the oversized gourd, I will paint a color layer, using yellow ochre, cobalt blue, white and black. I’ll mix a string of progressively lighter values of both colors. Then I’ll mix a middle row of the two combined 50-50 %. Afterwards, I’ll mix a range of all values with a small amount of black to further neutralize.


I’ll paint the background a cool light value from the cobalt/yellow-ochre side, and the foreground with a light value from the yellow-ochre side.


One of the darker cool greenish values from the middle string is applied for the dark values on the gourd. Lighter warm  yellow-ochre values for the lightest lights on the gourd.


Next, find the middle values and place strategically.


A gentle smoothing and adjusting. Now let this dry until next time, when a final pass of color will be applied.


3 thoughts on “Painted Gourd Study Part II

  1. Betina! I tried 3 times to get an email to you yesterday…. that I wouldn’t be able to attend class. All were sent back by the Mail Demon. boo hoo! At least I’ll have your blog to inspire me until I can get back to Classes. ….I think I’ve found a studio to rent downtown, while I’m under construction!!! whowhooo! I have to empty my porch/studio on Meyer Ave within the next 3 weeks/month. Things will settle and I’ll see you soon. Best, ~eva

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